The partners

NEIKER, the Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development, is a nonprofit state-owned company assigned to the Department of Economic Development and Competitiveness of the Basque Government.

Neiker-Tecnalia is involved in the following R&D objectives:

- To improve productivity and competitiveness of agricultural production systems.
– To develop and apply new management technologies in farms
– Meeting the quality needs of the agri-food processing industry, the distinctive products and the general consumer. Also becoming the technological infrastructure for the response against biological threats, to the food production system itself and the population in general.

A highly qualified specialization focused on 2 business units:

• Agricultural innovation.
• Environment and natural resources.

Besides R&D projects, Neiker-Tecnalia performs transfer and training actions, has its own resources and infrastructures, and also the highest qualified staff.

CETENA Foundation, is a technology center whose mission is to contribute to improving the competitiveness of enterprises through the development of R&D, technology services and other activities to promote innovation. Composed of three centers CEMITEC, CITEAN And CTEL. Experts in the following areas of knowledge: Electronic Product Development, Development of fluid-thermal systems; Development,
construction and testing of electromechanical components and systems; Polymeric materials; Development and characterization of biodiesel; Printed intelligent. Since 2000, activities are initiated in the area of biofuels.
The lines of action of CETENA that are related to this project are:

  1. - Characterization of biofuels
  2. - Characterization of biodiesel, oil, grease and glycerin
  3. - Supplementation of biodiesel and its blends (catalysts, additives)
  4. - Biodiesel from new raw materials
  5. - Corrosion of Metallic Materials
  6. - Microstructural Analysis of Metallic Materials
  7. - Analysis of Structural Characteristics of Metallic Materials (microstructure, phases, microconstituents, inclusions)
  8. - Analysis of Surface Treatment in Metallic Materials (tempered, hardened layers, nitriding, cementation, etc..)
  9. - Analysis of Polymeric Materials
  10. - Determination of mechanical properties in polymer materials
  11. - Defectology and failure analysis of metallic and polymeric materials
  12. - Technology Watch