The presentation

LIFE SEEDCAPITAL: Integral use of oilseeds to reduce green house gases emissions associated with farming activities

Through the seed as a link and integral solution to the problems of pollution and self-sustainability of agriculture, LIFE-SEED CAPITAL aims to present and demonstrate ways of saving energy and reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, using 100% of the seed (recovering residual cake produced after pressing for oil generation, using it to cause changes in livestock food, which will help reduce methane emissions) keeping the conflict between biofuel production and human food to a minimum.

Expected results, outputs and quantified achievements:

  1. Definition of the state of the art for the use of vegetable oils and mixtures oils – diesel oil as fuel for tractors
  2. Definition of control parameters in vegetable oils and their mixtures with diesel oil
  3. Definition of the conservation time of the blends and their compatibility with polymers and metals used in tanks
  4. Creation of a network of farmers
  5. Demonstrate that the consumption of biofuels can be increased about 20-40% without major problems in farm machinery
  6. Reduction of enteric methane production of about 10-20% maintaining producer’s income level