Biofuel consumption 2015

This demonstrative action began in March 2014 and since then we have consumed a total of 7358 L of biofuel (29.4% oil blended with diesel) out of which 2166 L were cold-preseed rapeseed oil. During this period we have avoided the emission of 5321 Kg CO2e, which implies a reduction of 30.7% of total expected […]


B2.- Report of material compatibility with oil-diesel mixtures

El proyecto LIFE SEED CAPITAL pretende, entre otros objetivos, la producción de aceite de colza en una cooperativa de agricultores y su uso como carburante en maquinaria agrícola. La naturaleza química del aceite vegetal (triglicérido) es diferente a la de los combustibles fósiles convencionales (hidrocarburo). Por tanto, su interacción con los materiales puede ser diferente. […]

B2.- Report of results of characterization of oils

B2-Resultados de caracterización de aceites _Report of result…B2-Resultados de caracterización de aceites _Report of result…B2-Resultados de caracterización de aceites _Report of result…


Updates on biofuel conpsumption-October 2014

From March we have consumed 3309 L of the biofuel produced on-site, with a proportion of rapeseed oil blended with diesel of 29.1%. So far we have used 964 L of rapeseed oil and as a consequence we have reduced the emission of Kg CO2e by 17.6%. Because the price of the resulting biofuel is […]

Blending rapeseed oil with diesel results in a biodisel 20.3% cheaper than diesel fuel

With the availabe rapeseed producing field data costs and the volume of biofuel consumed to date we have estimated that the biofuel consumed is 20.3% cheaper than conventional diesel. With this information we estimate that we have managed to save 656€ so far in this trial. In addition, using this biofuel resulted in a 16.1% […]


We achieved a 16.1% kg CO2e emission reduction in vehicles

To date we have used 2450 L of biofuel of which 661 L were rapeseed oil and 1789 conventional diesel, to come up with 6491 Kg CO2e emissions. If all the fuel used had been conventional diesel emissions would total 7538 Kg CO2e. Therefore, these preliminary results indicate that the reduction in CO2 equivalent emissions by […]

Agosto 14

Consumo biocombustible Agosto 2014

Actualización de los consumos de biocombustible. Seguimos demostrando que el aceite de cozla mezclado con diesel puede utilizarse como biocarburante en vehículos. Durante el mes de Agosto los vehículos implicados en la prueba consumieron un total de 453 l de biocombustible, de los cuales 117 l fueron aceite de colza representando el 25,8% del total. […]